"Do you have a white and brown t-shirt, Lama?"

Translation:هَل عِنْدِك تي شيرْت أَبْيَض وَبُنِّيّ يا لَمى؟

June 29, 2019

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I got a typo. Why أبيض not the other?


Yes i made the same error , why not the other?


Because tshirt is masculine, it needs the masculine word for white أَبْيَض


Instead of transliteration "t-shirt" into "تي شيرت" directly, I think that an better Arabic translation can be used, such as "كنزة نصف كم" for example. Although "كنزة" doesn't come from Arabic roots, we use it much more widely than "t-shirt", at least in my country.


لا توجد كلمة تي شيرت في اللغة العربية إسم التي شيرت : قميص وليس تي شيرت فهي كلمة إنجليزية


I see many times the "m" missing in arab words, like here in the name Lama, it is very frustrating when trying to learn. On the other hand mistakes in english translations are very strictly not forgiven. This is also very frustrating because english is not my mother language.


I think in previous exercises I saw t-shirt followed by the feminine baiDaa2. Which is it?


Following the gender of the item in reference. In this case, the t-shirt.


Is it me or does the ض at the end of white sound more like D here when you laten to it and more like a b in the exercise itself? Maybe it just takes time to distinguish the D ض sound as a D for me but I've had troubles with the sound of the letter differing multiple times.


If you're imagining that Duo is pronouncing the letter Dad like /b/, then so is everyone else, including me.


I tried this for fun but i found them messing up the laguage ! They dont even accept corrections


تي شرت is not an arabic word. Use قميص instead


So أبيض and بيضء is masculine and femine respectively ?


القميص و ليس "تيشيرت"


I just want to say 2abyaD wabunniiy sounds a bit like Ebony & Ivory

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