"Pīpī holo kaʻao"

Translation:The story is told

June 29, 2019



I Ola ka Mo‘olelo Perpetuating Our Stories Through Hawaiian Medium Theatre (link) https://howlround.com/i-ola-ka-moolelo

Pīpī Holo Ka‘ao – Sprinkled, the Tale Runs/Continues

Pīpī Holo Ka‘ao is a phrase often said after a story is recited to encourage the future retelling of the story. Growing up in a rural community on the island of Kaua‘i, storytelling was a common pastime in my family. As I recall from my youth, our regular family gatherings always consisted of time devoted to sitting around a circle listening to the elders share family stories, folklore, and sacred stories about our island. Those moments were my favorite part of these gatherings and have imprinted the value of storytelling on me. (link above)

link) https://manomano.io/definition/32295īpī


2 Redup. of pī 3; to urinate. [Eng PPN piipii]

A īnā e pīpī ʻia ke koko ona ma ke kapa komo When there is sprinkled of the blood thereof upon any garment.

Pīpī holo kaʻao. Sprinkled, the tale runs [a phrase used at the end of tales].



[PE] 1 nvt Legend, tale, novel, romance, usually fanciful; fiction; tell a fanciful tale. [PCP t(a, e)kao]

1 ► hoʻokaʻao To tell tales; story telling.



June 29, 2019



'Akahi nō au a lohe i neia 'ōlelo.

July 29, 2019



August 23, 2019, 4:18 PM
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