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Question words not found in TKD

TKD has a very brief section on question words. The following are a few examples of English sentences that I would have no idea how to translate using the information provided there.

For how long did you run?

How far did you run?

How big is the device?

What is the temperature?

There are many more I can't think of right at the moment, but I would very much appreciate if anyone could shed some light on some underlying rule that might help me understand how to translate questions such as these

June 29, 2019



One of the normal ways to translate such questions is to rephrase them as commands. We see this in Klingon for the Galactic Traveler:

a common way to say Which weapon do you want? is not as a question at all but instead as a command: nuH DaneHbogh yIngu'! (literally, Identify the weapon that you want!...

We can do that here.

For how long did you run?

qetpu'ghachlIj poH yIja'!
Report your run's period of time!

If you have some idea of the scale of time, you can use specific units of measurement:

qaStaHvIS tup 'ar bIqet?
How many minutes did you run?

How far did you run?

chuq DaghoSpu' bIqetpu'DI' yIja'!
Report the distance you traveled when you had run!

Again, if you have an idea of scale you can be specific:

bIqetpu'DI' qellI'qam 'ar DaghoSpu'?
When you had run, how many kellicams had you run?

How big is the device?

Depends on what kind of big you mean: length? volume? extra-large?

Big being such a vague descriptor, you need to be more specific. For instance,

nuq muq jan?
What is the volume of the device? (Literally, The device has a volume of what?)

If you have an idea of scale, you can be even more specific.

tlho'ren 'ar muq jan?
How many quarts/liters in volume is the device? (tlho'ren are about equal to a quart or liter, more or less.)

What is the temperature?


nuq gheH?
What is its temperature?

SImyon 'ar gheH?
How many simyons is it? (A SImyon is a temperature degree of unknown magnitude.)

June 30, 2019


Excellent, comprehensive answer.

July 11, 2019
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