"There is a small bag in my bag."

Translation:هُناك شَنْطة صَغيرة في شَنْطَتي.

June 29, 2019

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هناك حقيبةٌ صغيرةٌ في حقيبتي


thank you for that


هناكcan mean there as in “over there” if you wanted to say there is you would say “في"


That's dialect, not MSA.


في شنطتي شنطة صغيرة is this can be the answer


This is very much acceptable as well. Although there is a very subtle nuance. Using hunaaka, you emphasize the fact that the small bag exists, in and of itself. It's like if your friend was looking for something to put her passport in, and suddenly you remember: "You know what, there is actually a small bag in my bag." So it's the small bag that is the topic of conversation. But the version you introduced is better if you want to talk about the small bag in passing, but it's actually the big bag that is the topic. Like if you're bragging about the features of your new bag, and you're all "Not only that, but it has another, smaller bag in it!"


I think so yes (but this construction isn't introduced until a later lesson).


Exactly this what i was thinking.


في حقيبتي حقيبة صغيرة.

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