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"There was an orange in the kitchen."

Traduction :Il y avait une orange dans la cuisine.

June 29, 2019

4 commentaires


pourquoi "was" et pas "had" ?


"There is/are" est la locution qui correspond à 'il y a'. Avec le verbe au passé, "there was" se traduit par 'il y avait'. "To have" signifie 'avoir', différent de 'y avoir'


Bonne Traduction mais tu oublies du dire que d'un point grammaticale Français ce n'est pas la même phrase.


"Il y avait" is simply saying that an orange exists in the kitchen. It is a state of being. In English we call "was" a "being verb" because it just means that something is a certain way. All the being verbs are "am, is are, was, were, be, been, being." If you were to say "had," it suggests ownership. For instance, "I had an apple in the kitchen, but someone ate it." Vs, "An apple is in the kitchen"

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