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"اَلْأُسْتاذ مُتَرْجِم ذَكِيّ وَسَريع."

Translation:The professor is a smart and fast translator.

June 29, 2019



Why is this wrong? "The professor is a fast and smart translator" Shouldn't the adjectives be reversed?


Lets remember that in arab the "and" makes a fusion with the next Word, so; the word "and" must be accompanying at the word fast


that's clear, shukran


To me it all just means the same


Now, I see what you are doing. Ustaz is professor but Mualima is a teacher the way u r teaching it. YOu could use the male and female of Ustaz only or Mualim and Mualima, but I wouldn't mix and match


experiencing further on Duo Arabic, it seems to me that when there is 'uua' = and between two adjectives the order is the same as in English (1st is smart 2nd is fast); in case of a list of adjectives (he is a very fast smart american translator) we will find them reversed (translator american smart fast very). Could that be a right guess?


Hopefully someone with knowledge will enlighten us. It certainly is creative and answers the question. Good guess in any case.:)


Indulekha108, wendya1,

Yes, Indulekha108's conclusion is correct. When there is uua = "wa" = وَ (which means "and"), the word after the وَ is attached to it. So, for example, ذكي وسريع it is "smart-and-fast" in English. When there is no وَ, it is "fast-smart".

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