"Tamer has a house."

Translation:عِنْد تامِر بَيْت.

June 29, 2019

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Also, isn't "تامِر عنده بَيْت" a correct way to say it?

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    Yes, of course it should ! But most of the speakers at Duolingo do NOT seem to have an idea of what they were about to read. Don't they have the complete sentence in front of them ? Moreover, they speak Arabic NOT the way somebody TEACHING other NON-NATIVE learners of MSA or FuSHaa should do. Here we get a deep realistic dive into the world of Arabic: Pretty much of this and that, to and fro and a bit of nothing and of all.

    Be patient and get used to it. Tomorrow, Inshaa2allah, you will better understand.


    Thanks for informing but voice is to much low thats why i cant listen it properly


    Nice nice where are from


    Well, it seems everyone is as confused as me


    What are the differences between عند and عنده?


    The word عند means 'with', and عنده means 'with him'.


    We call The ه as ضمير الغائب which "the article of the absent" or something like that .... So if you mention something a first time and then you want to talk about it you don't have to mention it again Here in this sentence: تامر عنده بيت So tamer is mentioned and then we wabt to say he has a home.... So in english you can think of it like that (a weird English sentence ^___^.) "Tamer, he has a home" To avoid the "he" in arabic we use the ه which is ضمير الغائب....

    Tamer is at Home = تامر عند البيت Tamer has a Home = تامر عنده بيت /عند تامر بيت


    Why is it saying i have a typo on the second word. We cant control the spellings of these


    I got that too...seems i put the words put of order.


    My answer was accepted, but it's showing that I had a typo for the word 'had'. However, there was no option for that correct word.


    Shouldn't it be عنده؟

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      No! It should be when "Tamir" coms at tge beginning of tge sentence So both of this are right عند تامر بيت تامر عنده بيت Just choose whichever you want.


      Why do we use 2 while writing arabic. What does it mean?


      It represents a sound or pacing that doesn't exist in English. You must listen to understand it. I hear a shortened vowel when I see the 2.


      لدى تامر منزل
      It should be just accepted!


      Correct option was not given in the selection....2 times in this lesson


      It said i have a typo but the correct answer wasn't listed lol


      Why you say there is a typo if you dont done the right answer


      The correct is: Tamer has a house


      3ind Tamir bayt.


      It confusing its say you have typos answer on this sentence But i couldn't see any word to choose how come ?


      Says error, but the way to write it eithout the error isnt listed


      Lol i cant qith this app

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