Ayudame por favor. Please help me. I wish to write something in Arabic for a dear friend...

Please, i wish to write an identification placard for a sweet, dear friend. I am from the United States. At work, at our desks, we have little signs that have our name, and underneath, our position. I wish to write a funny sign for a dear friend. I wish to write her name. Amel. And underneath I wish to write "90 pounds of pure awesomeness"...

The background. ...for those who care to read...I work in construction. ..25 years...I love construction and I love my job is to help the job along and make sure everything goes smoothly. ...people come for brief periods sometimes to perform specific tasks. Amel came for that reason. Amel came a few months ago....She seems very pious....not one hair is visible....she's very nice...when I turned on the "Christmas" lights during Ramadan she was stunned....I was so happy that she was happy....when she found out I was learning Arabic ...she showed me how to write my first name...I wrote it out maybe 25 times....she saw it, she was amazed that i did it, and commented on how pretty my Arabic was. This pleased me, extremely...she said, what is your last name. I said are you serious?, I wrote it down. She wrote it in Arabic. I wrote it next to each of my first names, and showed's a very pretty text..she said, whether I'm here or not, look me up, find me, so we can talk when you're ready....and that hit me really hard....and I told her,'re awesome....and she said no, you're awesome!....and so I'm carrying that now...I want to give her something that she will remember. ..

So anyhow, amel in Google translate translates to "worker"....and I don't think that's right. So, if anyone can help me show respect and humor to a dear human being who I love yet could never love, your help would be appreciated

June 29, 2019


Other Arabic speakers please correct me (up vote/down vote), but: Name: Amal / أمل Ninety pounds of greatness (best translation for 'awesomeness'): تسعين رطلا من العظمة

June 30, 2019

My one caution is to make sure when working with the engraver, that the arabic letters flow from right-to-left and are connected like cursive letters. I've seen many tattoos where the person uses a bad translator and ends up with a left-to-right, block letter arabic tattoo.

June 30, 2019

I think روعة is a better translation of awesomeness than عظمة.

And you should write تسعون instead of تسعين. Here is the explanation if you are a grammar enthusiast:

"تسعون" مبتدأ ثان مرفوع وعلامة رفعه الواو و الجملة "تسعون رطلاَ من العظمة" في محل رفع خبر للمبتدأ "أمل"

June 30, 2019

I believe her name is أمل which means hope. it sounds a bit similar to عامل which means worker, as the letter ع doesn't exist in English. I'd translate the sentence to تسعون رطلاً من الروعة. But I don't think it sounds as good as it does in English.

June 30, 2019

Yes أمل means hope

June 30, 2019

Many thanks to you my friends...her name is Amel and it seems to be close to "worker" which also suits her. ...she more than lives up to her name of hope, and promise. ..I love her ....

July 1, 2019
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