"My sister Arwa has a lion."

Translation:أُخْتي أَرْوى عِنْدها أَسَد.

June 29, 2019

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Isn't the following ok as well (as we learned in the earlier lessons): عذد اختى اروى اسد Or was that written differently?


What about عند اختي اروى اسد


I keep getting puzzled by this problem. I read books about Arabic, and they all say that Arabic is a VSO language, although with quite free word order. But in these exercises, the predominant word order seems to be SVO. And so I'm puzzled. It seems that Duolingo seems to want to have Arabic translations of English sentences that have the same word order as the English. I wonder also, since Duolingo uses a lot of AI techniques to assess our answers, whether the algorithms they use are just not good enough to get it right.


I've asked an Arabic speaker who said that because of the name Arwa after "my sister" the sentence is not understandable if we keep the order VSO, so it has to become SVO in this very case


You also need to remember that "عند" is not a verb in Arabic as it is in English. "عند" is a preposition, I believe, so we are creating noun sentences, not verb sentences.


Yes! Why do people keep referring to as it were a verb?


I forgot to insert عند after "referring to" and I can't edit on the phone.


لدى أختي أروى أسد


no no, don't try to pretend that you don't have a lion yourself, even your friend farid has a lion in his house


Why "عندها اختی اروی اسد"is wrong?

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