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Finished French Tree

Finally, finally done! Previously I was seven skills away when the new material was introduced...it seemed to take forever to get slough through 60+ levels.

I hope that at some point more advanced material will be introduced...until then I’ll finish up the stories and go back to starting reading French on my own.

June 30, 2019


[deactivated user]


    Here are some ideas :

    • Find out where you need more practice with the free Kwiziq proficiency test.

    • Plug those knowledge holes by reviewing the corresponding Kwiziq notes.

    • Drill yourself on those grammar topics with ELFE.

    When you do the ELFE exercises, you will no doubt find that Duolingo was very weak with drilling accents. In ELFE, they require that the accent marks always be added.

    Best of Luck.


    You are from US?


    Yes, I’m American.




    Congrats! I can imagine how hard it would be and how long it would take to get so far. I can only work hard and aspire to get better.


    Congratulations! That was a ton of work!


    that's so cool! the tree is incredibly large so i cannot imagine the work you've put into it! what was your favorite section/bubble? I'm only a good few in and nowhere near completion - but i'd love to know what lies ahead and what's fun to learn!


    I guess that the intermediate-to-advanced sections and the stories were my favorite part. I wanted to brush up on my French (neglected for many decades) only to be able to read. Duolingo isn't ideal for this, but it gave me a head start.

    The main advice I would give would be to practice as much as you can and don't get discourage. You can do this!


    did you do it in 170 days?


    No! I started in with daily practice a bit more than a year ago. I lost my first streak of over 180 days when I took an unexpected break of a few days. If I had been a Plus subscriber from the start I could have more easily maintained my streak intact since I certainly have plenty of lingots.

    Most of the material was review, so unless I needed additional practice, I was generally testing out of each skill level at a rate of 2-4/day. To master the more difficult material, I created spreadsheets so that I would not be stumped (in particular) by the English-to-French questions. Translating from English-to-French is fairly superfluous for acquiring a reading knowledge of French, so I wanted to spend only a minimal amount of time on this skill.


    Good job! How long did it take you to go through the whole tree? Now you can do for example a reverse tree -English to French :)


    I need more than one year ...


    That's great. I don't think I will ever finish, but I appreciate the endless practice I get with Duolingo.


    You can try the reverse and do the English from French tree.


    Congratulations! Welldone.


    Congrats! I'm also done with French too! Well. Not the 60 levels. But I finish the tree and I'm still proud of my self.


    Good for you! I have no ambitions to do multiple languages like you. Perhaps if they offer Latin...


    I cannot swear to what will be offered, but there is a new thread in "Discussions" entitled, "How I'm preparing for the Latin course". The person who started the thread believes that the Latin course will begin in September.


    Hey, good job on completing the tree. Just wondering, to what extent did you level up the skills? Did you just get them to level one, or did you level up them higher? Thanks :)


    All skills were finished at Level 5.


    you can check his progress here https://duome.eu/c5nest


    That's amazing c5nest! That is a big accomplishment! Good luck on your path to fluency!


    Congratulations, wish me the best of luck in finishing French. =)


    Congrats, it does seem like a fairly difficult language. I did the entire thing and received a ‘gold owl’ on level 1 within a few weeks, but then I diversified. Learning one language seems a bit boring and tedious so I have to switch around. Of course if I was in France I wouldn’t mind.


    Félicitations! I recently re-earned my golden owl after losing it from the update. It was a slog to get through all the new stuff.


    Félicitations, continue comme ça.

    Congratulations, continue like that.


    congratulations! Do you dream in French yet?


    Congratulations! I was, at one point, extremely close to finishing it- until the update that introduced the new material had arrived, that is. That's when I'd slowed down, mostly because finishing the same courses again felt very monotonous. I'm still far from completion now, but I've increased my pace again. I've been finishing about 5-7 courses a day, mostly because the leaderboards have been very motivational.


    Congrats! I hope I can say the same one day


    Congratulations! I have no idea what you are all talking about, however. I know nothing about 60 levels. I am on level 21 of French and I feel I will never get to level 22. (It is taking days.) Is my tree going to grow as I get farther along? I realize that with each level it takes longer to get to the next level as it is. You are all scaring me to death!


    Bien fait! Mes félicitations!


    wow i have not done mine yet

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