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"an easy language and an easy teacher"

Translation:لُغة سَهْلة وَمُعَلِّم سَهْل

June 30, 2019



Why do 'easy' & 'teacher' not have ة at the end?


Because the teacher is a man.

An easy language and an easy (male) teacher = ٌلُغَةٌ سَهْلَةٌ وَمُعَلِّمٌ سَهْل

An easy language and an easy (female) teacher = لُغَةٌ سَهْلَةٌ وَمُعَلِّمَةٌ سَهْلَةٌ

You see the difference?


Both answers should be accepted since we don't know the gender of the teacher.

[deactivated user]

    Nup, you should know that every word (99%) ends with ة is female


    Is "girl" بنت a feminine word?


    Yes. Except that words cannot be male or female, only living things can. Words are masculine or feminine. It's a grammatical category, not a biological one.


    Oh yes. I didn't know of this rule when I got it wrong, but now have a reason to feel I shouldn't have gotten it wrong in the first place. -<>-


    @vanjonsson: I think both answers are accepted, as long as the adjective correctly agrees with the noun مُعَلِّمٌ/مُعَلِّمَةٌ. Maybe I got 1dnana's question wrong.


    I don't think you did. : )

    I could have, though. Replies here have helped me make sense of the general rule. That's enough : )


    Soke words qre inherently male or female, for example car is a femqle gender word, even though it's an object. In arabic a word is eother masculine or feminine. Some words you change on the base of the himan you're referring to. İf it's a female you add the "t" sound and ة to the end

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    What does 'easy teacher' mean in this context?


    I am not getting the concept of male /female .I understand the ''spoken Arabic'' rather than the written


    In the English sentence it doesn't state that the teacher is male so the female teacher option should be accepted as equally valid

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