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  5. "Mahalo! E ʻai!"

"Mahalo! E ʻai!"

Translation:Thanks! Eat!

June 30, 2019



Am i the only one who thinks its weird that 49ers was an option for this?


No, itʻs a command. In the tips it explains you use E before names and commands (telling someone to do something):

Imperative E

E is used before an action to signify a command or a suggestion. When you say, "E hele!", you're telling someone to "Go!"

Vocative E

E is used before a noun (usually a person) to indicate that the person is being addressed.


Mahalo for making sense ! You get a Lingot :-)


Does [e 'ai] have a similar meaning to [let's eat], or is it just an imperative form of [eat]?


I think the latter is right (I'm not a native)


I'm learning, too, but further in the course we learn that adding "we" to an imperative is the equivalent of "let's."

So, if you wanted to say "let's eat!" you could say "e ʻai kākou."

Without that, though, you are telling someone else to eat.


Thanks! Eat! doesn't make a ton of sense, am I missing something or is the way they used the words just strange overall? This has been perplexing sincethe very start, any help?


A lot of statements in isolation can seem odd, but make sense with the right context. I imagine they just want us to practice these words, but if it helps:

You spent a lot of time preparing an ornate meal, then dished it out to your guests/family/whomever. They say something like, "Wow, this looks amazing, and smells delicious!" but you are eager for them to taste it, too! So you thank them for the compliment, then tell them to eat.

"Mahalo! E ʻai!"


I feel like these translations reslly suffer without the conversational context


Mahalo can mean thank you, appreciate, thanks and sure


Some have -No sound/ speaker playback


I meant thanks eat but wrong thanks ear :

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