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  5. "هٰذا حَمّام واسِع."

"هٰذا حَمّام واسِع."

Translation:This is a spacious bathroom.

June 30, 2019



If it were "This bathroom is spacious", would "bathroom" need a definite article?


Yes, that would be هذا الحمّام واسع.


Thanks for the explanation. Couldn't wrap my head around it.


"This bathroom is spacious" was not accepted.


Why not this is a spacious hammam ? That word is also used in English


Could someone please help me understand how/when the vowel placed on top of ه in هذا is used? I can't find it among the Arabic letters on my phone, I'll call it a "mini alif" for now. What is it caled (so I can search for some more info)? What is the difference between using the"mini alif' compared to alif ا. They are both long "aa" (while fatha َ is "a")? Thanks for helping a beginner out!


It is called "dagger alif", and it is used to show that the pronunciation is long "aa", even though alif is not written. There are only a few words of this kind, and one has to memorize them. The Wikipedia article on "dagger alif" will help.


Have we been taught hatha? هذا? I got caught out with this one... i dont really understand the explanations given above but will keep practising it and eventually ill get it!


I had: This bathroom is spacious. How would this be written?


This question has already been answered. See below.


How come this bathroom is spacious wrong??


In Arabic, the words end with 7arakat ( Move) not sokon ( silent sound) , 7amam ( on) Was3 (on) this is one of the things that make the language beautiful.


İ agree, especially the course should be teaching Fusha Arabic "MSA"..


How do we know where to put is?


The first step is to recognize that the word "this" is a trap for the unwary. It could be used as a pronoun, the way one uses "he", "she", or "one". But it could also be used as a determiner, as in "this house". The second step is to understand idafah constructions; there is an article about "idafah" in Wikipedia. To use "this" as a determiner in Arabic requires an idafah construction, which implies that the following noun has to have the definite article "al-". There is no "al-" in the example, so the "this" must be a pronoun, not a determiner. The third step is to diagram the sentence with all that information: [this] [bathroom] [spacious] becomes [this] [bathroom [spacious]] simply because it cannot possibly be [this bathroom] [spacious], because of the missing "al-". So the sentence is an equational sentence with the verb "to be" missing in the middle: [this] [is] [bathroom [spacious]]. And in idiomatic English, that is "This is a spacious bathroom."

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