"Rawad and Judy"

Translation:رَواد وَجودي

June 30, 2019

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This type of exercise needs more than one option with َو to be useful.


Stick with one Rawad please. Theres two ways to spell Rawad, can you explain both at the same time instead of confusing.


I wish I could learn Arabic from Spanish



We hope Arabic will also be provided in other languages, like Spanish :))


It can be just use it


There should be a space between و and جودی ... The letter و stands for "and" and i don't know why it's always attached to the next word in Doulingo which is a mistake .


Edchn, it's a way to write و in Arabic. Mostly, it's attached to the next word. But, some region tends to give a space between و and the next word.


its wrong its not "Rawaad And Judy" And ?!!! its Rawaad Vajudy ok? why you mixed english and arabic ?!


rawad and Judy is the English رواد و جودي :the Arabic


What do you mean? We're supposed to be translating the Arabic into English, not just Romanizing the characters.


do we have "Rawad and Judy" in Arabic? do we have "and" in Arabic?!


No, we have "and" in English, which is the language we're meant to translate the Arabic phrase into.


I noticed the names George and Judy starting similar in Arabic but aren't pronounced with the same first vowel (can you refer to vowels in Arabic?) George is more o like and Judy more u like.. Why?



If we strictly implement how each Arabic letter should be spelled, جو should be pronounced as "juu". But, I assume that the audio sounds differently for George and Judy is because nowadays many Arabs try to pronounce George and Judy like as they are pronounced in English, and the audio tries to follow them.

Furthermore, actually there are no Jo or Geo sounds in Standard Arabic. So, Arabs have tried to pronounce the name according to how the letters should be spelled. For example, some Arabs pronounced the "جورج" word like: جَوْرْج (jawrj / jaurj) whereas others spelled "جورج" (similar to Duolingo's writing and not the voice): جُوْرْج (juurj). There were still other ways to pronounce "George".

Or, if it is not, the " more like o and u" is just a fault of the voice from the recorded audio as the sound is not from a native speaker but a robot.

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Wat does a line mean on any alphabet?



Do you mean a line on top of a letter such as وَ? It is called as "fatHa" which means a sign that the respective letter should be pronounced with the short "a" sound. So, وَ is "wa" and رَ is " ra" (or actually, in the case of ر, it is "ro" like in the English word "road" because there is no "ra" sound like "run" in English). However, this line (and any other diacritic marks) is optional -- we can omit it. But, for beginners, it is helpful a lot.


It says: "I am there and I"


I accidentally selected Rosa instead of Rawad...and it was marked "correct with typos."


this was was hard no cap


Why does wa have to be connected with Judy. I put wa in between Rawad and Judy, meaning Rawad space wa space Judy, but I am wrong?



if we write like this: راود و جودي, it should be accepted as well. Please report it. Arabs don't matter about the space between و and the next word. It is not a must. Some write وجودي and others choose و جودي.


I dont understand why these words means rawad and judy! Please explain better


These words are names. Rawad is a male name of Arabic origin and Judy is a female name from multiple origins and is sometimes a shortened form of the name Judith. When people refer to someone by one of these names they don't usually translate them into any further meaning.


What is the proper keyboard setting? Egyptian and Gulf don't match the screen...


I do not want to learn the alphabet. I want to learn phrases and words that I can use when I travel to Egypt.


Voice said rawad and Carrie, so that is what I answered... Since i was in a roll I didn't realize the text read rawad and judy so I was automatically wrong. Text and voice should match.


wouldnt his name be spelled Rawaad? since irs using the long AA




hello I'am new in these of learn Arabic and I speak spanish so I learn English and then I am trying learn Arabic... how is my English? :P

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