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  5. "a new fast car"

"a new fast car"

Translation:سَيّارة سَريعة جَديدة

June 30, 2019



I believe سياره جديده سريعة is also correct


As a matter of fact, "a fast new car" is natural and the sentence presented would never be said in normal English.


I can think of a few instances where it would be said. For example, my husband works with a guy who is in a race club and always buys cars that he uses for amateur racing (Yes, he is 35 going on 15, very immature "man" but anyway). So if he bought a new car it wouldn't be a fast new car since all of his cars are always fast. Instead it would be a new fast car. As in, "Oh, hey speedracer, I see you bought a new fast car."


Why not the reverse order for the adjectives? Wouldn't it fit better the English word order?


I'm starting to understand. The last word or two in Arabic is the main point of the sentence. In this case, the fact that the object is new is the important bit.

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