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  5. "اَلْمَطْعَم غالي."

"اَلْمَطْعَم غالي."

Translation:The restaurant is expensive.

June 30, 2019



As with the commenter below, but perhaps in less explosive language - I'm having difficulty understanding how to distinguish between "The restaurant is expensive." and "the expensive restaurant". I understand that one of them is a complete sentence, while the other is not. Is that the only way that I can tell? If there's some other way that I should be seeing, I would really appreciate it if someone could explain it to me!


To say "the expensive restaurant", you would have to make the adjective agree with the noun. To give you a simpler example : "الولد الكبير" = "the big boy", "الولد كبير" = "the boy is big". Same goes for "المطعم غالي" vs. "المطعم الغالي"


I'm a beginner myself but as far as I know, I think to say "the expensive restaurant", we will write "al-maT3am al-ghaali". The definite article "al-" will go with both the noun and the adjective.


Agree, I came to comment this too. Any help?


Do they teach them the " elimination of ya' from the mankoos noun " in the tips & notes ?


غالٍ اسم منقوص أصله غالي. خذ هذا اللينجوت يا مي أماس نهى


"the restaurant's expensive" being marked as wrong... ['s] is a contraction of "is"

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So report it.


When we say المطعم غالي The intention in his food is expensive, not the restaurant itself.

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