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I talked Spanish with a lady at work

Friday I was at work. (I work at McDonalds) I was working front counter. Well this lady who comes in quite regularly came. When I had last waited on her I had spoken a few Spanish phrases to her as she was speaking Spanish with her husband. So when she came to order she wanted some kind of bread like substance but couldn't decide, and couldn't really get across to me what she wanted in English. So she said "Tu hablas espanol un poco, si?" I smiled and said "si!" then she explained that she wanted bread, not a biscuit. "Si, un "mcmuffin?" o un "McGriddle?" so I explained in broken spanish that we have mcmuffins and mcgriddles and both are very much like bread, I asked her what she wanted and she wanted an egg mcmuffin with regular bacon.

Well I got her order and that was the end of it. But it was pretty fun to put my learning to use!

Thanks for reading!

June 30, 2019



Buen trabajo! Have a McLingot!


"HEY JOE WE GOT A CUSTOMER WITH AN ORDER OF A MCLINGOT" "Yes sir! 1 McLingot comin right up!"


bruh "have a mclingot" omg lmao


For a limited time, McLingots are now available at participating restaurants.


loled @ mclingot


That is a great story and how rewarding for you. I agree it's worth a lingot. I have had similar examples where I work. I have a patient population that speaks fluent Spanish and at times very broke English. In the past I've relied heavily on translators. Over the past year I can recognize more and more of what they are saying but still have had a hard time coming up with a medical conversation until the past 6 months. Each visit with one person in particular has been rewarding and the last visit didn't even require a translator. I attribute this to the patient's advancing skills in English (faster than my advance in Spanish since she goes to an immersion class weekly and I just have Duolingo) and my Spanish. She corrects me at times when I've chosen the incorrect word (ie vez vs tiempo) which now is glued to my brain. We don't have immersion classes for Spanish around my community.


That's GREAT! I live in a small town in North Georgia. There are not many places to go locally and practice speaking Spanish. I've started to make an effort to go to our local Mexican restaurant once or twice a week for lunch to practice. Those folks are terrific. I've found that one of the most difficult things about learning Spanish is getting up the nerve to do it. It is a great feeling to realize that you are able to carry on at least a basic conversation with the skills that you learn here on Duolingo.


It's being scared of getting it wrong that is the main problem for me


Don't be afaraid of getting it wrong. People really appreciate a persons attempt at speaking another language. Just making the effort tells them a lot about you. My wife's whole family speaks Spanish and I speak to them in Spanish like a two year old. Just the fact that I am making the effort endears me to them. Because I attempt to speak to them in their language they adore me and think I am some smart super hero. The effort is what counts, not the accuracy. Throw the words out there, be a language hero!


but you still need to practice because you CAN do it


It is normal to be scared/feel uneasy/you name it. What I often do is just tell people that I 'm learning. It helps to break the ice and more.


How I can join the duolingo class


Keep going! It sounds like you'll have more opportunities to speak Spanish to people IRL.

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Well done! Ultimately it's using a language that really makes it stick and become easier.


Yes! Go you! Keep practicing and build your skill set! Enjoy a lingot as well.


Wow! That's awesome!


It's great when you can finally practise your language in a real life situation! Keep it up :)


:D Bien hecho, stay hungry!


@Neftali.., ironically enough I can't stomach McDonalds food at this point. (Not that I ever really could) Even homemade french fries are disgusting to me. Oh, btw funny thing when duo drilled "papas fritas" into my head I doubted there would have been a practical application until she asked for "algunas papas fritas" Thank you duo!


I feel you man. All the words that you used is now super glued to your head and your past conversation have a strong grip to your thoughts. It will be forever in your memory man ;)


Viktor-Krist, oh yeah man! I feel a lot more confident, and sure of myself! I can't wait to speak spanish again


That went much better than my first time talking in German ! the conversation began good, but at the end, she was looking at me sorta funny!


@kl.estes, hahaha! Yeah that happened to me too on multiple occasions


Bravo! You began talking in Spanish, that's the most important thing. :) Do you study Spanish only on Duolingo?


@Algarve11. No, I watch movies, read books, and go to a weekly spanish group. Duolingo just helps me a lot with vocab and new stuff


Duolingo/Tiny Cards are used for my daily practice since I often do it before heading to work or at the end of the day after working long hours. It has kept my brain thinking Spanish every day for the past ~18 months. I have no other reliable opportunities for the speaking part of practice but I also study using StudySpanish.com (paid for access to Camino del Exito (can't put accents on letters with this keyboard) as well as Accelerated Spanish (free course) which all give me a different way of looking at things. I have a DVD with other resources but don't really have the opportunity to use them since no DVD player on this computer. When I'm still confused by something on the Duolingo exercises I occasionally also go to other online resources.


I see. Well done. :)


Only one thing to say about this story: I'm lovin' it.


see we just are nice people to learn another language for some one else just to help


Bien hecho, sigan con el buen trabajo.


Isn't it so awesome for a native speaker to understand you? Keep going!


Here comes a Lingot! Thanks for making my night! :)


Woah. Bucky works at McDonalds now. Have a lingot to go ;)


@PayKleind, since the crash of Hydra Bucky has fallen on hard times ;)


naww, bless this story


Awesome job! Keep it up!


I thoroughly enjoyed this post, Thank You!


@wintersoldier Que bien! Aqui estas algunos lingots. Buen trabajo hombre




and this is the fantasy of every Duolingo user...


30 years ago I got to know many immigrants coming to my country, Denmark, and I remember the pride I felt when they tried to speak their first Danish words and then wanted to improve it, and I've had many conversations with a mix of Danish, English and Arabic/Persian words.

And as I felt so proud of them for every Danish word they learned, they felt the same when they learned us a few arabic or persian words.

I'm sure that's the normal positive feeling by a large majority of people around the world, and it's only the few percent of true racists or mean bullies, who doesn't know any language but their own and who are proud of it, they are the only ones who bullies people who tries to speak a foreign language.

And yes, we do get to say words wrong or use wrong words that might give the sentence a total new meaning, and yes, we did laugh a lot, but a GOOD laugh that brought us closer and made us feel more confident and not affraid to try to speak in a foreign language.

Most of us are living in democracies and let's not allow the few bullies and ignorants to destroy our joy in learning and speaking a new language in public.

Peace and love <3


It's really good when we talk with an native at first time. I remember when I talked with an English native, was at the school they mocked me 'cause I didn't speak english very well.


That's pretty nice pal , keep up the good work , and don't forget to finish the stories they are a good method to promote your Spanish language skills .


@CarlSagan, thanks! I will take the suggestion and do the stories


wow, good use of Spanish


I love when I get to use Spanish with customers! Given my Spanish isn't very good but I know enough to get the customers what they want (I work at a subway). My work is located in a truck stop so we are connected to a DQ which I worked at for a little while. One day last week one of my DQ coworkers walked into the back where my Hispanic coworker (Who doesn't speak any Spanish caused he was raised in the US like the rest of us) was doing dishes. She asked him if he could go and speak Spanish to the customers because they weren't understanding what she was saying. I knew that my Hispanic coworker didn't speak Spanish, so to save a possibly awkward moment from happening between the two, I stepped up to the plate with as little Spanish that I knew and helped the two ladies order their food. It was super easy to help them and they were very nice people!


I am sure, she will come again ;)


That's awesome to hear!


OMG i'm so happy for you!! i hope you use your learning for more great future expriences!


I often work through translators at my job, which I do on the phone. As soon as I started brushing up on my Spanish people started ignoring my well-polished suggestion to call a translator and trying to talk to me directly, which feels good until I can't understand them. Also, I can really tell the differences in the abilities of various translators now, and face the dilemna of what to say when I know they're getting it wrong. Oh to be fluent--it seems like such a distant goal.


Great jobb man!! you used the chance you got, that's nice


It is tough talking. It is so much easier writing. I applaud you. Did you understand her?


testing testing 1 2 3


Man, this could be included in Duolingo's Stories haha!


That's wonderful! This is what I like so much about learning a second language. There's a sort of compassion to it where we're able to reach out and be even a little extra helpful to someone who may be struggling to communicate in a country where the primary language is different than their native one.


Es muy bueno poder conversar con otras personas y comprobar el progreso de uno mismo. Felicidades!! ☝️


It's a great feeling when you go into an authentic Mexican Restaurant and say, "Una mesa para dos personas." They see that your not Hispanic and they get the biggest smile. I think they enjoy that a gringo or gringa is making an effort to understand their language.


Isn't it fun when it works in real life!


i envy you. In my country it's very difficult to practice with immigrants.


this is awesome

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