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  5. "هٰذِهِ الْبِناية واسِعة."

"هٰذِهِ الْبِناية واسِعة."

Translation:This building is spacious.

June 30, 2019



Would 'مبنى' be able to replace 'بناية'?


مبنى = 'بناية'


هذا المبنى واسع


Shukran jazeelan ^-^


Why isn't it "this is the spacious building" , the prefix "-ال " confused me here? Also does this sentence differ compared to ".هده ننماتة واسعة" ?


This also used to confuse me, but I now realized that ال is also used as a "definite article" that is when you know the object you're talking about for example, This kitchen, this dog, this building, etc. But when ال is absent, the object could not be specific. That is, a kitchen, a dog, a building, etc. Which could be any kitchen, any dog, any building etc.. I hope this was made sense and was helpful


In MSA, you need to use the definite article with demonstrative adjectives, so you say "this the building," rather than "this building." To say "the spacious building," "spacious" would need a definite article of its own. And we'd normally use a pronoun as a "copula" of sorts to make the sentence less ambiguous:

هذه هي البناية الـواسعة


-- today 30 Sep '19 the audio sounds like it's pronouncing the last word as "waasa3a" rather than "waasi3a" as written -- that's when the whole sentence is pronounced -- however, when I hover on the individual word it pronounces it correctly --


Both should be acceptable "this building is spacious" and "this is a spacious building" are the same. If not, then this needs to be explained please.


"This is a spacious building" means you still haven't established that it is a building to begin with. Maybe it is so spacious your friend thinks you're outside, so you say that "this," which we still don't know is a building, "is a spacious building," so spacious that its status as a building was not apparent. In Arabic, you'd express that without any definite articles, so that هذه is all alone in the subject position, since you'd need an article to connect a noun to it:

  • هذه بناية واسعة.

But "This building is spacious" means both the speaker and the interlocutor know that what the former is referring to is a building. It is the fact that it is spacious which is new information. In Arabic, you'd use a definite article for that:

  • هذه الـبناية واسعة.

This exercise uses the latter.


I translated the sentence as This building is roomy since that was actually given as the alternate translation for spacious and it was marked wrong to which I object sine roomy and spacious


You should definitely report it.


These exercises do not make clear whether the structure is "This x is y" or "This is a y x".


I use roomy You take it wrong but the word is translate into english spurious and roomy too I took roomy. What is wrong.


Why there are 2 translation i take one it was wrong but you take another it was correct .


????????????? My sentence is right

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