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  5. "اَلْباب جَميل."

"اَلْباب جَميل."

Translation:The door is pretty.

June 30, 2019



Should "The pretty door." also be an acceptable translation?


No, that would be:

Albaabu (a)ljamiil. البابُ الْجميل. The beautiful door.


It's similar to how they have it in Hebrew.. by introducing the definite article ה in front ov both the adjective and noun..


I wondered this too, if anyone could confirm please?


I can confirm too: I studied this at the university like this and also in Hebrew it works the same way. Quite problematic how it can mix us, people who have a different mother tongue than Arabic or Hebrew, but we can get used to it and actually it makes sense, even if it's really hard not to mix up the exact meaning of a sentence or an expression. Practice, practice, practice! :) With Duo and with original sources! :)


I agree. The meaning doesn't change and the Arabic formulation gives no indication to the exact translation.


@Jasper - actually there's as much difference between "The pretty door" and "The door is pretty" in Arabic as there is in English. To describe a noun, the adjective has to have the same gender, number, and definiteness as the noun. In the given sentence the noun is definite but the adjective is indefinite. Hence the given Arabic sentence can only mean "The door is pretty".


Hi Rajas, You're right, I remember now. So if you want to say 'the pretty door', it should be 'الباب الجميل'. Thanks for the clarification.


Duo! the things can be beautiful too, not just pretty. You call everything and everyone 'pretty'; from girls to dresses and now door. Amazing, isn't it?


I can't help hearing something like "el begun janid". Is the audio to blame here?


Question is there an arabic duolingo group or zoom sessions?


It could be amasing to practice !


Beautiful is also a correct answer, isn't it?


Strange. I keep hearing jameen for the last word of the whole sentence, but jameed on when I click on it on its own. Any reason for this?

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