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Why do some discussions disappear?

Does anyone know what could have happened to this discussion: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/451217? It now gives a 404 error.

June 8, 2014



It was either deleted for inappropriate content, spam, or the user removed it. What was it about?


In addition to what Alduin said, on very rare occasions discussions get deleted on accident.

For those wondering what where to find the website guidelines, you can find them here: http://www.duolingo.com/guidelines (You will need to make sure to put the http before it, or you will end up on a user's profile.)

Otherwise, just go to your Home tab and scroll all the way to the bottom of that page. You will find a link to the Guidelines there. ^_^


Thanks. The discussion in question didn't have any material that was contrary to Duolingo's guidelines when I last saw it. I would have thought that if someone had added something like that a mod would have simply deleted the rogue comment. Knowing the author I'm sure he would not have changed the text of the article itself to something outrageous.


As a forum moderator, if the original post does not violate the guidelines, I would delete the rogue comment instead of the OP. So, I am assuming that the OP deleted it themselves, deactivated their account, or had their account removed by staff for something. The last two scenarios leads to a deletion of all posts created by the user.

Edit: I tend to use OP to mean either Original Post or Original Poster. Context generally clarifies what I mean, but I thought I would add a note since I used that abbreviation twice in the same post for both of those.


Thank you for your thoroughness. I know the OP (original poster) and his account is still active - I've popped a note in his stream asking whether he deleted his article. I think we have now eliminated all the possibilities except that and accidental deletion. Thanks again.


Since I did not delete the post myself, I can't review it for content. However, the original poster can either repost it (if they recall what it said) or if they don't, they can contact Support using the white Support tab on the left. It is important that they include the link to the post that was deleted. Staff will probably still be able to view the content and decide whether to undelete it. However, staff is very busy and it could take a while. My suggestion is just to have them create a new post. Please note that posts dedicated to casual conversation will be removed, as the Activity stream is the most appropriate place for conversation.

Good luck and thanks for being an active member of the community! ^_^


Well, at one time it had some useful information because I created this link to it (when per skill discussions still existed): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/727264. I made a note of the author so I'll ask him if he deleted it. Thanks for the instant reply!

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