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Arab League flag/levels in discussions

Not that it matters at all, but...... I've noticed that other users have an Arab League flag and corresponding level displayed when they post on the duo forum. I am a few hundred xp points in but don't have one displayed... I wonder what I am missing?

I guess it doesn't matter but I'm wondering if this is going on for anyone else!

June 30, 2019



When did you start the course? When I started the course, it took between a few hours and a day before it started showing up on the forums.


بداتُ يوم الجمعة


بَدَأْتُ :)


On duome (https://duome.eu/boujleba) it shows you as Level 6 Arabic with 455 XP. I had the same thing, it took a while for it to catch up on here.


I have the same problem. Level 7 on duome and no flag in discussions. UPD: Wow, it appeared for the first time!

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