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"Her face is beautiful, like her mother."

Translation:Wajahnya cantik, seperti ibunya.

June 30, 2019



This sentence uses incorrect English. It should finish "like her mother's." Does this change the translation at all? (I am a native Australian English speaker).


Why is 'Wajah dia indah, seperti ibunya' wrong?


biasa ga pake indah tuk orang.


Txting-bahasa is soooooooo frustrating for learners. You think you have some idea about the language... you look online to find some resources... and you find a garbled husk, peppered with dozens of local language expressions that no dictionary ever heard about.... T-T

Biasa tidak pakai 'indah' untuk orang (??)

Serfive: As far as I know you would not usually use 'indah' for people. It's more about landscapes or things. People are cantik for girls and ganteng/gagah for guys.


can we use kaya? "wajahnya cantik, kaya ibunya"

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