"روزا مِن كَنَدا."

Translation:Rosa is from Canada.

June 30, 2019

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I speak Arabic as a 2nd language, and, tbh, these foreign names kinda threw me off in the beginning. Am I the only one? Like Judy and Bob, I actually thought those were real words I didn't know and not names.


As a native Arabic speaker trying this course out of curiosity I was a bit taken aback by the proper nouns at first. The endings of the names are incorrect as they (being foreign names) are not supposed to submit to the rule of "tanween" which only applies to undefined nouns. Rosa should therefore remain Rosa and never Rosan.


This is not rosan, this is rosa, but he said (i mean duolingo) said rosan!!


The transcription for كَنَدا should be "Kanadaa" right? Is long 'aa' pronounced as 'a' in word-final position?

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