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  5. "Zayd is Tunisian American."

"Zayd is Tunisian American."

Translation:زَيد أَمريكِيّ تونِسِيّ.

June 30, 2019



I would interpret this as Zayd is american Tunisian. Is this wrong, or is there simply no difference and is that why it is correct?


Tunisian American.


As procrastinating said, "Tunisian American" is correct in English. This is because "Tunisian" is acting as an adjective modifying the noun "American". In English, adjectives come before nouns they modify, but in Arabic, adjectives come after the nouns they modify.


Arsbic letters in this type of excercise really hsve to be a lot larger


Americans might put it that way?


In the word for tunisian, the sa alphabet already has a short vowel 'e' attached. So would the long 'e' that follows be pronounced as consonant. Would it be like tunisiiy or just tunisii?


The sound is just "tunisii". A native Arabic speaker explained on another thread that there is a grammatical reason for the ي ending that has to do with endings used for nationality.


The superscript is so incredibly small i cant see it even when i make my phone font extra large

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