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  5. "دُوو مُمتِع."

"دُوو مُمتِع."

Translation:Duo is fun.

June 30, 2019



I wish they would add grammar lessons for each skill like other languages here


Hi I am Algerian and sincerely I did not understand the words


Hovering over ممتع gives two different meanings: interesting / fun. I wouldn't know how to opt more for one or the other. Duo here has chosen 'fun'. It might as well have been 'interesting'. ... Any help?


You may be right. The thing is in Arabic, one word can have multiple meaning in Arabic. So, if you are speaking to an Arab, they will get what you mean. Now to translate the below sentence:

Duo is fun=>دو ممتع/مسلى

ممتع=fun Interesting=مسلى (musali)

Hope I didn't confuse you more.


Fun=ممتع+ مسلي

There is no difference between them


font to small to read, please increase all fonts of Arabic script so we can see and learn


In English the correct translation is funny. Please review.


According to my paperback dictionary, mumti3 means "enjoyable" instead of "fun" or "funny". "Fun" is a synonym for "enjoyable", though.


My husband is egyptian and said that too


Agree, fun referes to something pleasant, funny something that makes you laugh..... in this case with Duo.... none of those are right, that owl is annoying :p


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Yes..I was wondering why I am marked wrong for this..


Mnemonic: fun is being at mum's and having a tea ;)


Thanks Scruffy-bear for your explanation of the mnemonic. I thought you were complementing Vismaior under his comment and did not realize that you were answering my question directly under my comment. I deleted my question since I thought it was no longer necessary. I didn't realize you were answering me directly and that deleting my question would delete your explanation of the mnemonic. Please add your comment back.


So umm i think they should more oftenly put arabic names like محمد، أحمد rather than Duo and sam Just an idea


It would be more fun if the script were bigger


I'm guessing in this sentence, Duo is considered masculine, which is why مُمتِع is in the masculine form, rather than the feminine form? https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D9%85%D9%85%D8%AA%D8%B9


Interesting. I've always considered Duo a male owl, probably because of the -o ending.


Why is it wrong to write Duwu instead of Duo? Both are correct transliterations of the Arabic word, aren't they?


No. "Duo" is how Duolingo's mascot's name is spelled. Duo is the little green owl we see.


Be verb can use both noun and adjective at the end of the sentence. Am I wrong?

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