June 30, 2019

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As a Korean learning Arabic, I love this. Thank you, Duolingo for teaching me how to say "Korea" in Arabic :)


Is there supposed to be some sort of unique pronounciation at the beginning of the word "Korea"? Almost like a "click" sound? I've never studied Arabic before so I'm not sure if it's an audio glitch or something intentional.


It sounds like a glitch in the TTS recording.


Yup ... took the test to test out of the level. But maybe you might be right, it might have asked me to type in English. I often overlook it.


The c sound souns more like a t than a c.


I typed کوریا - and still got it wrong


The difference between کوریا and كوريا is in ی instead of ي. These are two different Unicode characters which look the same in their initial and medial forms, but the one used in Arabic keeps the dots in all positions. You might need to use Arabic keyboard layout (rather than Persian or Urdu) to get the right letter.


Were you supposed to type the word in English? I haven't been asked to type anything in Arabic yet. I'm curious how you got this question so early on. I'm level 8 and just got the word "Korea" right now. You are not even level 1, how did you get it? Are you taking the test to test out of certain levels?


Why does i and e have the same letter?


Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you, brother. I want to learn English as soon as possible, how do I do it me Hussain Mohamed


Thank you for this program that you participated in, may God protect you and make you happy from all evil and harm

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