"أَنْتِ مُعَلِّمة يا رانْيا."

Translation:You are a teacher, Rania.

June 30, 2019

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I wrote "You're a wizard, Harry" and it came out as correct. Very cool, Duo.


Why is there a tu sound?


The ـة is only silent at the end of sentence. In the middle of one it is a ت t.


ok is a t, but there is a U sound after. Why?


It is wrong , it should be t-un .

Let us say that When a word is singular indefinite and not in a possessive form, and used in this sentence structure : X is Y , the word Y will have -un at the end , unless it was at the end of the sentence.


could one interpret this as it be said as a question as " you are a teacher, rania ? " or does it really need the word "hal" (هل) in the beginning to point out you mean it as a question.


Yes it needs هل or أ

Actually you are a teacher , Rania ? Is not correct in English I think


In English, the question would be "Are you a teacher, Rania?" versus the statement "You are a teacher, Rania."


Yes the clearer way to ask someone is, "are you a teacher rania?". However you can also say "you are a teacher Rania?" But you need to allow your voice to go up at the end so people know it's a question not a statement (it is seen as a softer way of asking the question).


Should also have the opportunity to slow down the sound so we can repeat it slowly.


why is there no du sound every du sounds like dtu


"We can't do this Mrs. Rania!" I hope to translate this perfectly one day


I worte, You are a teacher, Raina. So how is that not correct?


You need to fixed it because I keep on getting it's wrong when I am right I am getting very frustrated with this question now fix it or else

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