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  5. "أَنْتِ مُعَلِّمة يا رانْيا."

"أَنْتِ مُعَلِّمة يا رانْيا."

Translation:You are a teacher, Rania.

June 30, 2019



Why is there a tu sound?


I wrote "You're a wizard, Harry" and it came out as correct. Very cool, Duo.


could one interpret this as it be said as a question as " you are a teacher, rania ? " or does it really need the word "hal" (هل) in the beginning to point out you mean it as a question.


Yes it needs هل or أ

Actually you are a teacher , Rania ? Is not correct in English I think


In English, the question would be "Are you a teacher, Rania?" versus the statement "You are a teacher, Rania."


Yes the clearer way to ask someone is, "are you a teacher rania?". However you can also say "you are a teacher Rania?" But you need to allow your voice to go up at the end so people know it's a question not a statement (it is seen as a softer way of asking the question).


Should also have the opportunity to slow down the sound so we can repeat it slowly.

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