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Arabic Word of the Day 66# [Journey in Arabia 8# - Kuwait Facts!]

Hey everyone! Today we’re going to stay at the gulf but we’re going to visit a super-cool, super-rich, yet tiny Arab country that you may have heard of called Kuwait! Get topped up on your Kuwait facts with today’s 33 random facts:

1# Kuwait comprises of nine islands which are mainly oil rich desserts. It is officially known as the “State of Kuwait.” Kuwait City is the capital of Kuwait that is situated on Kuwait Bay.

2# One of the hottest countries in the world especially between June to August. Rainfall averages 2 days in the year. Kuwait has several sandstorms every year.

3# Kuwait has the second-most free economy in the Middle East. It is the fourth-richest country in the world in terms of per capita income.

4# Kuwait has 3 towers. The smallest tower is used for projecting lights onto the other two towers. The second tower is used as a water reservoir. And lastly, the largest has a revolving restaurant and revolving view deck giving a scenic view of Kuwait City and bordering cities.

5# The United Sates is their largest supplier of goods and services. U.S and Kuwait enjoy strong economic ties.

6# The first name is the personal name while the second name is the father’s personal name. [so, in simple words, your surname is your father’s name]

7# The temperature in Kuwait during summer time (June-September) can easily reach 50 degrees Celsius, making it almost impossible for human beings to survive in the outdoors for the most part of summer days and nights.

8# Kuwaiti dinar which is the official currency of Kuwait means Fortress built near water.

9# The national bird of Kuwait is the falcon. It is found everywhere and also seen on the currencies and stamps.

10# Kuwaitis spend much of their free time socializing with family members and friends.

11# If a man must give a gift to a woman, he should say that it is from his wife, mother, sister, or some other female relative.

12# Meals are generally served family-style. Guests are served first. Then the oldest, continuing in some rough approximation of age order until the youngest is served.

13# Business cards are given to everyone you meet.

14# Liberation Tower was built as the tallest structure in the world at 1220 feet.

15# Kuwaiti men wear Dishdasha which is usually white in hot summer months. While in winter Dishdashas are usually made from wool and are in dark colours.

16# In order to dress properly, all Kuwaiti men and women must shop. A world-renowned shopping mall was opened in 2007 which is called as The Avenues.

17# The only real surviving traditional Kuwaiti handicraft weaving is called Sadu, which is generally created in the colours of red and black.

18# Oil was discovered in Kuwait in the 1930s, and proved to have 20% of the world’s known oil resources [I don’t see why oil is on the list of interesting facts but ok? I’ll add it anyways]

19# Kuwait gained independence from Great Britain on June 19, 1961.

20# In February 2006, the annual camel races held using Remote-controlled robot jockeys which is designed to make the races more humane

21# In 2007, The Avenues was officially opened boasting the largest Ikea in the Middle East, as well as over 150 internationally known brand-name shops.

22# Planned and constructed in early 1990s, The Liberation Tower was built as the tallest structure in Kuwait which had a revolving restaurant and observation platform, the whole Tower has been closed to the public for quite some time. The Liberation Tower is the one of the tallest towers in the world, at 1220 feet (to the pinnacle).

23# In June 1961, Kuwait was under the protection of Great Britain, it was never a colony. When Kuwait joined the UN, they were the 111th country to join. It is a good thing they joined, since the UN aided Kuwait when they were invaded by Iraq in 1990.

24# Full political rights were granted to women in Kuwait, in 2005

25# In September 7, 1961, Kuwait adopted its flag.

26# In November 24, 1961 the flag was hoisted officially for the first time. There are three colours on the flag. The green stripe serves as the symbol of the fertility of Arab nations and the black symbolizes the defeat of enemies. The red symbolizes the blood of the defeated enemy whereas the white denotes honour and purity

27# Kuwait is the first gulf country to have established a constitution and parliament

28# There are 141 males for every 100 females

29# There are no railways in Kuwait… Wait, WHAT?! :o [well I guess it is a tiny country…]

30# In April 2006, women voted for the first time in Kuwait [mind you, a bit late… But late is better than never I guess]

31# Despite having been in war, Kuwait has a high standard of living [yup! It’s part of the rich Arabs clan with UAE and Saudi Arabia and Qatar, of course!]

32# Kuwait university [opened in 1966] is the country’s only university [Lol, there’s no problem applying for uni I guess, they all get accepted to their “chosen” one XD … After thinking, it’s probably hard to even get into uni!]

33# Kuwait appears on the world’s top ten “fattest” countries… [Lol that’s rude! XD Forgive them if you’re Kuwaiti! They’re just jealous of your riches! ;p] …They give preference to a rich diet and do not involve in exercising much… [They really haven’t tried Arabic food that’s why they can say this :p Who’s top on the list I wonder?]

Anyways! That’s today’s facts on Kuwait! Of course, there’s much more to Kuwait than these measly websites know, but I tried to pick out the best ones I had the time for. Any facts you know about Kuwait, please share it with us! Thanks! :D I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post and I hope you’re enjoying your day cus…

Tomorrow’s Monday. [Sorry if I just ruined your evening hehe]

More on Kuwait? Watch this great episode on Kuwait: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_pUIeE4Eko] Enjoy ;)

Oh yeah, and I’ve finally reached my first 100-day streak! Ahh ;p

June 30, 2019



6 that's not just in Kuwait right?


WOW who gave me those?!


No, I think it's common in Arabia [I mean my surname is my dad's name but I'm not exactly sure if everyone in Arabia does it but I'm sure they don't do it in Europe]


At least not here in Algeria and Tunisia and Moroco (I guess)


No, I'm quite sure they do it Morocco, as of memory


AH, what about Saudi?


I dunno about Saudi :S I'll search it!


16# In order to dress properly, all Kuwaiti men and women must shop. A world-renowned shopping mall was opened in 2007 which is called as The Avenues.

Shopping at night is more ideal than shopping during really high temperatures that can get around 50 degrees. At night, it's much more cooler at only 20.

Regarding the 100 day streak:


LOL thanks a lot Ruwayda! :D I'm sure you'll have your time have that lovely 100 fire streak... in 94 days XD

You're gassed that you can post GIFs aren't you? XD You post them 24/7 ;p How are you? Good? :D

Edit: Argh! I was gonna give you lingots but I've got 100 lingots and 100 day streak and I don't want to ruin that :3


Yep I'm so gassed that I can post gifs. hehe ;p

Yeah I'll throw your lingots a little out of balance. XD

And yes I am good now after all the procrastination I've been doing. I'll never be able to get to 100 tho. Once I'm done with this Arabic tree, I'm taking a week's break. I deserve it. ^-^


omg I HATE spongebob ugh!


Spongebob was my childhood! How can you say that! Atrocious.


Me too ! I can't imagine it without Spongebob XD


UGH see! Look how disgusting he is! It's meant to be "funny", but it really isn't XD


do you think so? I think he's so funny, with his friend (I dunno what's his name because in the Arabic Dub names changed)


Maybe he's funny in Arabic [though I doubt] , but trust me in English he's as cold as ice. That annoying American accent too [no offence ;p] UGHHHHH X(


OMG I love him ! I also love gumball : )


I love Gumball as well XD

Sassy's just jealous! ;p



yeah, because sponges are way more famous than mushrooms XD

LOL I should say I like your GIFs


Yup sponges are WAY more famous than the mushroom. They even get used more. I love them!

And thank you! That means a lot to me. I love your profile pics. Mine will never ever be able to compete with yours. Never in a million years.XD


Thanks for the correction! I edited it... AH and sorry for replying late!

Look Sassy ! cute things to do with Sponges, don't be much jealous!

OH Thank you Ru-chan! but I don't think so, your pic is awesome ^^


HHH I didn't see it XD


Two posts in 1 day?! Or am I wrong?


Nah she 'accidentally' posted yesterday's post in the wrong category thing and then BANG KAPOOSH, she posted it in the right category thing.


AH! Ok! How do your exams go? or they already ended?


Nope haven't ended yet. I got 3 tomorrow, one on Wednesday, one on Thursday and one on Friday not to mention the ones I've got in the weeks after!


ps. plEaSE fOllOw mE bAck[not begging or anything just asking ;p]


Sorry !!! I usually don't care for new followers, so I didn't see you there ,:)

Pure Ru-chan! Good luck!


I don't have a holiday until the end of JULY! Sometimes, I wish I was born in the Sahara.


No we don't, we took holydays from about 1 mounth and a half


HAH! I heard you only have 6 weeks on vacation right?

And people in Sahara wish they were born in England and then no-one's satisfied ! XD


Yep that's true.............. :(

No one's satisfied in life.


Thanks! It's from one of my favourite comics.


The Kiss Bet. The first 8 episodes already up on Webtoon[ma ji as my friend says XD].

Do you not have exams in Algeria sousou[I wish I made up a nice nickname like yours ;( ]?

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