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"أَنا مِن وِلاية جورْجْيا في أَمْريكا."

Translation:I am from the state of Georgia in America.

June 30, 2019



و انا ايضا :)


Take note, Americans, this is how you should form the sentence if you also want to include your state when someone asks where you're from.


"I am from the state Georgia in America" (without "of") - also should be right.


There doesn’t seem to be a definite article in this. Why isn’t it “I am from Georgia State”? That is a typical sentence in English but would usually refer to “Georgia State University” instead of the state of Georgia.

Why isn’t the Arabic sentence أنا من الوِلاية جورجيا


As far as I know, 'al' is not added to the word connected to a specific noun (names of cities, countries, etc). Georgia is a specific noun and 'wilaaya' is connected to it. So it doesn't need 'al'.


Shouldn't ولاية have an "-at" sound at the end, in this sentence? This is an iDaafa construction, right?


This doesn't feel right, I never say or write America when I actually mean the USA. America is a continent. How do I write USA in Arabic?

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