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Just finished the Arabic Tree...

The fact that the final lesson covers "hello, nice to meet you" makes me really pray that expansions are in the works!!! The final lessons in this course are what normally comes in the very first lesson of a normal course.

June 30, 2019



I should have titled this "shrub" instead of "tree". Maybe "blade of grass" would be more accurate.


Yes, you are definitely right. I can tell you this course is very incomplete. And its contributors were inactive for a very long time, it seems that they wanted to release it anyway.


The little sapling has yet to grow a full branch. Feedback will be invaluable. I plan to give my own in due time. Hopefully there will be ears to hear.


I am struggling through the alphabet section. It's quite difficult to figure out the differences of different letters. i wonder whether the course would help me differentiate all the alphabet.


Hello, I begun the arabic course. First of all, thank you for the job : I've been waiting for it so long. As a beginner, I've got a problem with the "choose between three" questions, because I'm reduced in gess game with no tips and no audio to help me. At this point of the course, it's frustrating !


Yes, we need the audio and mouse over translations for these! It's not a test, it's learning, we're here to learn, and these feel like test questions not learning tools.


Francois, I know the ones you're talking about. I came across the first one like that yesterday. There were three choices. There is no sound when we click on the choices because they want to test our reading ability. Giving us the sound for each one would have given the answer away.


This happens to me when we get to the full sentences. If I can recognize one or two words it helps me eliminate the other answers. I know it's cheating(?) but I "trace" the words by hitting ctrl-f and typing what (I think) the sentence is.


It's a beta course, and more importantly it's a beta course for one of the most difficult languages to teach to an absolute beginner. Having watched how other courses develop over time, I'm really glad that they're doing a lot of trial and error on the basic literacy front to make sure they have that down before building out all the grammar and vocab lessons. I've given up on certain other non-Western languages in the past because I realized the first-draft tree wasn't really teaching the fundamentals well.

(And speaking as someone who's had their French tree updated three times now, it's a lot better to have them add new skills to the end rather than go back and change up the individual lessons at the beginning so you have to do half the course all over again just to get your owl back.)


I agree wholeheartedly. :-)


Yeah, I finished the Spanish tree before the levels, then two times again after levels, then they added a whole bunch of new modules so now I have technically not completed the tree. It doesn't matter, The new lessons are great and I really like them.


your guess is right. there are still more development on the way. Hopefully you will like it.


From a non native speaker POV, the lessons seemed good enough exposure to those with zero or some background of the language. As I had learned the script as a child and later took some short course, I’ve been testing out the lessons and trying to gild the tree. But as my vocabulary is weak, I’m learning as I test out. Its been fun because there are new materials for me.

IMHO, this course is similar to the Japanese and Korean ones, where the first few modules/lessons heavily repeats on the scripts and simple sentences. I believe they made the course in such a way as to not discourage new/beginner learners with difficult content starting out.


It's just a beta version, cut them some slack guys. They're testing the waters. I'm sure in a few months there will be a better brighter version waiting for all of us. We just need to be a bit patient.


I got a golden owl on 5th October, 2019.

Congrats for your great job.


I'd like to see more lessons in Arabic added. Plurals and past and future tense would be top of the list for me.

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