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"رَقَم هاتِف اَلْمُهَنْدِس غَريب جِدّاً."

Translation:The engineer's phone number is very weird.

June 30, 2019



How can a phone number be weird? Explanation plz Duo.


You can buy specific patterns if you're willing to spend extra money. One of my coworkers had six consecutive 1's in his number


What's the origin of the Arabic word for phone? I was sure it would be the international word for it, but it's clearly not. How come?

Okay, actually even in Hebrew used another classical word to the verb call someone on phone, from the word "connect", and the mobile comes from the word "handy", but everyone calls the noun telephone or just phone, especially when we talk about not only mobile phones. So how come this other word in Arabic, what's the meaning of it's source, origin, the three letter base? I'm very surprised and curious! :)


The three letter base is "ح ت ف" which means to shout or call. That's it.


Shouldn't it be "this engineer's phone number..."?


No, there isn't the word "this" in the Arabic sentence, so why would it be?


Why you use weird in sentence ? Can you explain .... what's this weird weird


When I hovered over "raqam haatif" the box with the translation had reversed the words: "haatif raqam". Is this a mistake or are both orders acceptable? I was also wondering: is "raqam haatif" also an example of iDaafa?


What would be "the very weird engineer's phone number"?


I translated it as "Phone number of the engineer is very weird" but it said it's wrong.


That's because "Phone number of the engineer is very weird" isn't something people would say.


Neither of these sentences are are things people would say, i think. :)

But thats not why that translation is incorrect. The "El" before the engineer makes it the possessive object in this case. (Direct versus indirect.)


لا يمكن أن تبدأ الجملة بنكرة

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