"They make cold beverages."

Translation:Mereka membuat minuman dingin.

June 30, 2019

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Sorry to be bodoh but does it have to be membuat instead of buat?


How about with "yang" : "...minuman yang dingin."?


Why my translation has been rejected: Mereka membuat minuman yang dingin


I also wrote with yang before, and got it wrong... But I think that yang is more like "which" so this is a statement "they make cold drinks". If they said they choose the cold drinks then maybe yang is more appropriate, because there is a choice or a selection there. But we wouldn't normally say in English either, we make drinks which are cold, unless it's a choice... "which ones are cold?"... "yang dingin di sana" . If its a statement of the action itself then we'd also say "we make cold drinks." This is my theory anyways after reading many of the notes on yang here. Hope that makes sense in your brain too :)


But why isn't it minimal-minuman isn't it plural?


Munkin karna kata mereka dipake. Kalo orang2 bikin sesuatu lalu itu biasa lebih banyak dari satu.


Could you explain a little more, please? Makasih

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