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  5. "جورْج إِنْجِليزِيّ."

"جورْج إِنْجِليزِيّ."

Translation:George is English.

June 30, 2019



In the word for England, the ج was pronounced like a hard g (SamirShaker explained it was because it was a foreign/loan word). Here it sounds to me like it's pronounced like a soft g or j sound. Am I hearing correctly?


yes here it is pronounced as a j, actually pronouncing it g or j doesn't matter but since the word "english" is a foreign word you'll almost always hear ج pronounced as a hard g


Incidentally, there is no hard G in the Arabic alphabet, but rather a similar gargling sound called 'ghayn', غ, pronounced very much like the French R and the Spanish hard G in some words.


The Egyptians are an exception. They pronounce ج as a hard g.


What? Just a couple slides ago the word for England had a J character and made a G sound. Now the word for English has a J character that makes the J sound?


In Arabic G and J are the same letter, so you can chose to pronounce it with a G or as a J. The standard pronunciation by the way is J.


Ahh, thanks for the reply. That actually helps a lot. Until now I had only seen it represent a J sound, so knowing that helps, thanks!


Can this word be used for the language as well or just the nationality?


نحن بالعربية لا ننطق كلمة "إنجليزي" بهذه الصورة، بل ننطق الجيم في كلمة "إنجليزي" كما ينطقها الإنجليز.

النطق هنا غير صحيح أبدا.

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