"Bob is from England."

Translation:بوب مِن إِنْجِلْتِرا.

June 30, 2019



The pronunciation of إِنْجِلْتِرا is incorrect. There is not 'g' sound in Arabic. It should be pronounced as a 'j'.

June 30, 2019


Both can be correct but the g pronounciation is far more common because it's a loan word related to "anglo" and "terra". It's normally pronounced as g, and can be written with a kaf or even qaf in places where qaf is pronojnced as g.

The letter baa can also be pronounced as p in loan words.

And sometimes و makes more of an "oh", "o", or "ah" sound rather than "uu" or "au" in words like Bob and Coca-Cola, and ي can make more of an "eh" or "ey" sound rather than "ee" and "ai", but those sounds are already native to many dialects, in words like yom = day, and beyt = house

July 10, 2019
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