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Duo, you need a different font for mobile!

The default Arabic font on mobile Apple products is very large and has little regard to space. This might sound like not a big problem but I’ve been unable to tell the difference of letters on my phone because small but important sections of text are blocked by the audio button. Either move the audio button or change the Duolingo font so we can tell the difference between بَي and بُي on mobile!

June 30, 2019



We also need bigger font for the website. I can barely see the harakah on those two words.


I feel like the text on Duolingo in general is too small for most monitors and devices. :/

I agree that Duolingo needs to choose an Arabic font that is both big and readable. The font on both my phone and tablet looks a lot more like scribbles even though the size is fine.


I've posted something that I found useful here. It's a chrome and firefox extension for Arabic script. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32905685


Thanks! I'll check it out. ^-^

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