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  5. "بِناية واسِعة"

"بِناية واسِعة"

Translation:a spacious building

June 30, 2019



Ugly pronouncing, the second word is not pronuncing correctly


Can someone explain where the "un" in binayatun comes from? Is some sort of grammatic thing that is spoken but not written, right?


The ta at the end is a gender sign. Normally arabic puts women gender in things. For example,sayyarat.there is a ta at the end,but u pronounce it sayyarah. The ta bcome 'tun' when there is a descriptive word after it. Lets say,kabir(ah).. so it becomes sayyara(tun) kabir(ah)..


That is because the ta marbuta, but that rule applies in all sentences with ta marbuta at the end?


Pretty sure it's to do with indicating the subject of the sentence (nominative form) but I'm not an expert.

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