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Duolingo Testing for Students

I just want to say that the option to have my students take Duolingo is something I feel very happy about. I like that they can take a quick test for a little fee and get the results quickly. It's been helping me to assess them for when they take TOEFL and IELTS later. I also have to say KUDOS to Duolingo! I have been telling my students for several months now about this option and it's been hard for the parents to accept it. They haven't heard of it so they are not convinced. I have shown them proof that many respected schools accept this exam but they are still not convinced. Yesterday I had a student who will apply to take a pre-college program at Juilliard in Tianjin, and on their website it instructed him to take this exam.

As someone who works with Chinese students who will go abroad for college, or who may attend college in China where they must learn in English, having the Duolingo exam option is great. I hope more Universities and Colleges sign on. Using this tool has made doing assessments so much easier and faster.

I'd love to hear from anyone else who is doing this. Maybe we can share insights.

June 30, 2019


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