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  5. "Shadi is Tunisian."

"Shadi is Tunisian."

Translation:شادي تونِسِيّ.

June 30, 2019



According to the previous lessons, Shadi should be شَدِ. But Shaadii is شادی. Right?


The length of the vowels in Arabic has nothing to do with how the names are spelled in English, since English does not have the same "system" of showing vowels that are held for a longer length of time versus a shorter length by writing the letters differently. The "name" in English is spelled "Shadi", it's the "transliteration" that is spelled "Shaadii" so that when we are first learning the Arabic letters we know that the "a" sound and the "i" sound in this word are held longer when we pronounce them. That's all.


Which one we have to follow


Shadi. When we translate a sentence into English, we use the English spelling of the name and not the transliteration of the name.


So shadi is male name?

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