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  5. "kaʻu moʻopuna"

"kaʻu moʻopuna"

Translation:my grandchild

June 30, 2019



What is the difference between ko'u and ka'u?


That is the question of this lesson. Some nouns use o possession, and some use a possession. There are some general rules to keep in mind but at times there are some iffy words.

You use the o version for clothes, body parts, thoughts, the family that you have when you are born, friends, home, transportation, etc. You use the a version for things that you obtain or produce like money, food, speech, spouse and family you create like kids and grandkids, etc.


Read the 'Tips' at the beginning of this lesson


I didn't know about tips!!!! Mahalo!!!


wondering why mo`opuna doesn't have a translation available (hovering over it) since it's a new word? How would I know that??


How do we view tips in the mobile app?


How unfair to have to guess at something we haven't learned yet only to lose a heart!

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