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"هُوَّ كَلْبِك وَهُوَّ سَعيد يا كَري."

Translation:He is your dog and he is happy, Carrie.

July 1, 2019



هوَ كلبُكِ وهوَ سعيدٌ يا كاري


English uses 'it' to address animals.


Generally only with animals that are not seen as individuals, like insects, or if the gender is unknown. With dogs (and other animals that are typically kept as pets), people will almost always use 'he' or 'she' - and will usually default to 'he' if the gender is unknown.


But it is normal to say "Awwwwe, isn't HE cute little dog". So technically is wrong, but our vocabulary is changing quickly


I don't know what you are talking about. Native English speaker here and everyone uses the pet's gender when speaking about them. Some people make it a point to say 'it' when they don't like animals or they want to insult the owner.


Specific animal? "He," but only if the dog is male.


What is the difference between كلْبِك and كلْبَك ?


the similarity, rather, is that they're both wrong.

For second person singular masculine: كلبُكَ

For second person singular feminine: كلبُكِ

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