"هٰذا ٱلْسَّرير مَكْسور."

Translation:This bed is broken.

July 1, 2019

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And I am too tired to fix it. Oh, woe!


Some people here appear to have no sense of humour. Oh well, their loss.


The important question is: who broke the bed? (Seth, I'm looking at you)


Seth in the skirt? I was thinking that Carrie and Judy seem far more likely.


No more monkeys jumping on the bed


How would you hear the difference between this sentence and "هٰذا لْسَّرير مَكْسور", without the ال article ? Or is this last sentence incorrect and you would never hear it?



The "هذا لْسّرير" isn't Arabic. At least, it doesn't exist in Arabic fuSa.


I can't tell the difference in this recording between السرير and سرير


Yes, that's explained in the tips for this lesson.

In ٱلْسَّرير the first alif is not pronounced because of the WaSla sign above it (kind of a circle with a line sticking out) and because if follows a vowel in the previous word. And because the second letter lam is followed by a sin, a sun letter, the lam is not pronounced, but is assimilated, so becomes a doubled ss sound.


Hi. What I am getting at is, is there a small difference in pronunciation (in which case I am missing it); or is there no difference, in which case could the answer equally be هذا سرير مكسور (this is a broken bed)?


I posted the exact same question. Sorry I can't answer it, but would love to hear the response from someone.


I would say the article has to be there because of the هذا before it, it is no question of translation. Because "this bed" is definite, it can't be any bed but this one.


I don't understand. The sentence would work fine if هذا was followed سَّرير ,it would just mean that the sentence meant: "This is a broken bed".


Absolutely right.


But, JohnH249076, I think you're right. I think هٰذا ٱلْسَّرير مَكْسور means "this bed is broken", and هٰذا سَّرير مَكْسو means "this is a broken bed". What is it you don't understand? (or is it me?)


Please adjust this sentence so that هذا is accepted in place of هٰذا, as it is impossible to type the dagger alif on a standard Arabic computer keyboard (and wholly unnecessary as well).


Misheard the audio as هذا سرير مكسور and was still told I was correct, so I've reported it, since that would translate as "this is a broken bed," which is not the English shown afterward.

Just posting here in case the bug gives someone a short circuit.


(Strange, it didn't accept my exact same answer. Maybe they fixed it in the last two months, but I highly doubt it, as the course seems to be a bit abandoned.)


It sounds like "هذا سرير مكسور".


The meaning given in the exercise is wrong


Please ignore. Whatever it was at the time has been fixed.


Is it really? What should it be instead?


I answered the correct answer, and lost a heart. It happens a lot. Please fix it!


in the fast audio its wrong !

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