"باريس مَدينة مُزْدَحِمة."

Translation:Paris is a crowded city.

July 1, 2019

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Why cant we say that paris is a big city?


Big and crowded do not mean the same things.


We can. However, depending on which exercise brought you here...

1) Big is not a synomyn of crowded. Thus, you cannot translate the arabic sentence given as " Paris is a big city." Big is used to describe a populous city or one that contains many square km/miles. Crowded means that there are a lot of people in a space.

2) This sentence also appears as a fill-in-the-blank. For that exercise, four words were offered but only one was a feminine form. Because city in Arabic is feminine, the adjective used descibing it must also be in the feminine form.


Crowded = populated. Big = Azima عظیمه.


Agree. They should have used another word that could not be applied to a city if there is only one right answer.


Is muzdahima an adjective or a participle? I know that many words with mu- are participled, but here it acts as an adjective


This word is a participle derived from the verb 2izdaHama, from the root z-H-m. But, know that many participle forms are indeed adjectives. "Participle" is just a term that's often applied to any derivative of a verb.


Is there no letter p?


no g is Gang, no j /zh/ as the s in Television and s in Measure, no P and Ch as in Change. But in different dialects they have it, and they can pronounce it. But I don't think if it's easy for other language speakers to pronounce some of their sounds like غ or خ.


What dialect and accent of Arabic are you teaching us? I asked this b4 and u didn't reply, please reply.


It is formal fusHa . Not a dialect


فصاحه؟ عربی القرانیه؟


لا فرق بينهما


It's Standard Arabic, I think colloquial is easier when you have Arab friends who speak Arabic who will help you learn Arabic within months.


Which one is the subject of this sentence? Paris or city? Is Paris also feminine?


Paris is the subject. "Paris is..."

".. a crowded city" describes the subject Paris.

Paris is a name .. a proper noun. But since us applies to a city - which is feminine in Arabic - we may assume Paris is feminine by association.

That's what I think. Happy to hear from others.


I was putting 'big city' too. Unfair


Because the correct answer is 'Crowded city'. As you know, crowded does not mean big... In fact with the same amount of people, a bigger city will be less crowded.


Paris is a crowded city


Paris is a crowded city


Paris is a crowded city


is it correct to pronounce paris and other names with p in arabic 'p' even though they use b, when we know they are usually pronounced p in other language?

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