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  5. "هٰذِهِ لُغة جَميلة جِدّاً."

"هٰذِهِ لُغة جَميلة جِدّاً."

Translation:This is a very pretty language.

July 1, 2019



Duo is obsessed with the word 'pretty'.

My translation would be "This is a very beautiful language."


Or "this is a pretty pretty language" ;-)


Why was 'this language is very pretty' wrong?


هذه اللغة جميلة جداً


I think you are saying that the prefix / definite article "al" makes the noun part of the subject of the sentence?


I have a problem with this is... versus this.... is


In the first case, THIS is a noun.
In the second case, THIS is an adjective. When used that way, you need to add a "the" to the thing that is. So for "this language is...." you say something like This Thelanguage is.... You add "al". (Corrections are welcome).


I'm still struggling to see consistency in the use of case endings. Are they just applied randomly in this course because that reflects real life use or are there some clear rules around their use which I haven't yet spotted in the grammar tips and notes?


In this case, the noun لُغة (language) is feminine, so all words describing it eg جَميلة (pretty) have their feminine endings.

If the noun had been masculine eg بَيْت (house) then the adjective would have used it's masculine ending جَميل

Or do you mean why are they assigned language-feminine and house-masculine, in which case, I have no idea!


Well,That's why I'm learning it.


İ did ....very nice language ....... What is the different pretty??


You can say most of the phrases in many ways in English in this section ! Im loosing hearts simply because im not saying them in exactly the same way as you !


Can someone explain the ending on the "this" word? thank you so much in advance


haadhihi. Feminine form of haadha.

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