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  5. "بَيْتَك كَبير يا مايْك."

"بَيْتَك كَبير يا مايْك."

Translation:Your house is big, Mike.

July 1, 2019



It should've been بَيتُكَ because Mike (the accusative) is male.


Mike is vocative here, not accusative, but otherwise thank you for the helpful point.


How many pronouns are gender-separated in Arabic?


Basically everything in 2nd person (you) and 3rd person (he, she, it, they), and this not only in singular but in dual and plural, too.

And this affects personal pronouns as well as possessive and object pronoun suffixes as well as verb conjugation.


I got a fill in the blank question for: كَبير يا مايْك _

The two options were:

  • بَيْتِك
  • بَيْتَك

Can someone explain the difference between these in their use? Why is one of them correct and the other wrong?


First one is used when the person being spoken to (the your) is female. The second is for the gender being male. Mike is a male, therefore it is بَيْتَكَ. However, as an Arab, I would be more likely to say بَيْتُكَ. I don't know the grammar rules, but it seems Jackass318788 agrees with me.


What you are saying seems to be consistent with Egyptian Arabic nowadays, but it isn't how they do it in the standard literary language. In fact, what you would say yourself appears to be (The script is so darn tiny!) the fuSHa way. :-)


hmmm it isnt consistent with Egyptian Arabic who would say 'beitak' and 'beitik' not 'baytak' or 'baytik'. Egyptians would also say 'kebeer' not 'kabeer'

This is some weird mishmash of MSA and Levantine that is painful to hear, no one speaks like this, no one writes like this. It is always either MSA or some specific dialect.


So baytuka is not standard Arabic but spoken Arabic? Baytek would be standard Arabic?


From my understanding, it's the other way round. "bayt-u-ka" (male) and "bayt-u-ki" (female) are Classical Arabic (on which Modern Standard Arabic is based), while "bayt-ak" (male) and "bayt-ik" (female) are spoken (but still widely used in the standard).


I'm loving this course, but god, the audio is wrong at least 80% of the time! :(


it is too small. They look exactly the same. YOU NEED TO USE A LARGER FONT. PLEASE!!!!!


I'm not sure if the course contributors would have control over the font size, but if you want to report it you could perhaps follow the "general feedback about the course" advice here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204752064-How-do-I-report-an-issue-with-the-course-


man these sentences hurt the ears and eyes... so many basic mistakes...


Word order is mistaken! Beitik appears at the end instead in the beginning of the sentence.


Your house is big mike

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