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  5. "a new neighbor"

"a new neighbor"

Translation:جار جَديد

July 1, 2019



Vocabulary was never introduced before this lesson so how in the world am I supposed to know the answers?


if you hover over words you don't know, the translation will appear.


I had a selection of three sentences and I had to pick one. When all else fails, Google translate to the rescue.


In smartphone, it dosent have dots


that's weird, mine has dots.


Please open the Duolingo site via your web browser app. There are some tips lessons when we want to enter the lessons. Or, hover the word - there will be a hint popped up.


Introduce the words with meanings before having to use


There are notes on the desktop version of Duolingo. If one is using a cell phone, it looks like one has to read the hints and remember the answer for the next time that word is encountered.


I agree with everyone here. This sudden introduction to words is causing me to just guess , and to guess wrong each time. I like that there was some introduction to how they sounded. If i could click on them and hear the sounds too i might be able to learn these words but as of now this section is useless for me


I guess it is a new course so might take time to iron out the flaws.


I totally agree with the other commenter. I am just having to guess at this point. This is a very ineffective way to teach a language.


It's tougher than being given the answer in advance, but as thmakled says hovering over the word gives the answer


I wish when crafting an answer in arabic that the words would be spoken as i select them. I feel like that wpuld better contextualize my comprehension

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