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  5. "an amazing house"

"an amazing house"

Translation:بَيت مُمتاز

July 1, 2019



I don't think I'm going to get too far in Arabic if the writing is this tiny. Why can't it be as big as in the early 'alphabet' lessons? Yes I know I can make the screen size bigger but then bits start dropping out of the useful area of the screen. A bit of consistency would be good please.


Why dont they teach about the indefinite tanwin ending (ie. ٌ /"un") Sometimes it is pronounced by the voice, but not written.


Why are the words this way around (house amazing). Shouldn't it read from right to left?


It's the regular word order in Arabic. The noun is before the adjective


Yes , but in Arabic the noun comes first followed by the Adjective.

So for example , in Arabic it is Morning good and not good morning


I understand that I got it wrong, but how am i supposed to know that the noun comes before the adjective. It's really annoying that im expected to know that. How about just teach me?!?!


Can someone tell how to add the vowel sound indicators? I can write مومتاز but can't write it with the indicator above the first letter.


In this case they write it... "An" but don't add the ٌ


Spanish and Indonesian to name but a few have noun...adjective


Why do they always do the excellent house repeat?


Do we just assume that it is indefinite when there is no ال


If its the wrong way around why mark it wrong


I expect to find meanings of the word before answering by guessing. If its already present, please tell how to look up for it.

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