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"My computer is the cat's chair."

Translation:حاسوبي كُرْسي الْقِطّة.

July 1, 2019



stupid question, but how would i say "my chair" ? surely it's not... kursi-i?


Its kursiyi. The ي at the end of kursi is emphasised into a ya sound and a long vowel of ii is added. So it would be kursiyi.


It's not a stupid question! I find it interesting actually.


And to add it in Arabic letters: كُرْسِيِّي


Well, actually because we have put the shadda there will be one ي so it's كُرْسِيِّ


That is a good question, not 'stupid'.


She's just too self-aware


My lap is it's bed :-)


Yup, that's the way it is. Though my cat prefers the keyboard. ;)


This is a bad idea. All the cat hair is bad for computer parts


The cat unfortunately does not care and will sit on the computer anyway.


I tried this sentence on an Arabic-speaking friend other day, because I thought it was funny, and he didn't understand it at all. (Not just because of my pronunciation—although that was an issue too!). When I explained it, he saw where it was coming from but didnt think it was a natural way to say this at all. (I'll try to get an alternative suggestion from him and report back.)


Well, what's the dialectic alternative?


Hah! At first I couldn't understand what Marxism had to do with this, and then I realised you were referring to dialects, not dialectical materialism. So I wondered what would be another way of expressing this. Perhaps, "How would you say this in dialect?"? Or, what would be an alternative in dialect?


An alternative would be something like

والله كمبيوتري صاير كرسي للقطة ما شاء الله

Notice that the word والله here is what is called (as the Qur'an mentioned it) من لغوِّ الحديث which means using the word Allah without actually implying its "sacred?" meaning, and in the end ما شاءالله here is used to express "unusualness?" of the action, as the computers are not made for cats to set on them...

Also, صاير comes from صار which means "has become"...


Another dialectical alternative would be

والله القطة مسويّ كمبيوتري كرسي لإلَ(لإلها) ما شاءالله Which means: The cat has made my computer a chair for herself mashallah


They have a lot of that in the app i feel


My cat was literally on my computer inputting incorrect answers in the same study session today XD


Would it be possible/preferable to add copular هو to this sentence? I.e. حاسوبي هو كرسي القطة ?


Only if you want to make it the subject of a sentence that will go on from what I understand. What you wrote would be "My computer which is the seat of the cat..." as per my understanding.


Your sentence would be كمبيوتري "والذي هو" كرسي القطة

"Which is" translates literally to "والذي هو"


Why doesn`t "chair" have an article? Shouldn't it be حاسوبي الكرسي القطة ?


For posession using the construction that we learned in the course, the thing comes first and its indefinite, and the possesor comes after and its definite, so only he carries the ال


I can haz cheezburger


[Everyone liked that]


This is ridiculous!


At first I did not understand how to write the sent. I thought the cat's chair came first then the word computer, but after looking at it for a while I understood it, the important word is the verb IS. My computer IS ....... not the cat's chair IS.... Am I right in this why of thinking.


جملة خاطئة تماما وليس لديها اي معنى


My radiator is my dog's toaster...any other stupid sentence?

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