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  5. "We will serve you."

"We will serve you."

Translation:Kami akan melayani Anda.

July 1, 2019



Kami akan menyaji kalian - seems like it should be right from Saji


It's actually not. Saji is mostly used when the stuff that is being served is also meant to be in the sentence. For example, "we will serve rice for you" it can be translated as "kami akan menyajikan nasi untukmu" or "we will serve it" can be translated as "kami akan menyajikannya" (yes, saji + Me-kan, because menyaji [saji + Me-i] is not really a word...). When you mean to say to serve the people, it means "layan", and then add Me-i, therefore it becomes melayani :)


Helpful, thanks...,since the Me-kan needs an object (nasi), and menyaji doesn't exist....so makes sense now, thank you


No problem! :) oh and by the way i also made a mistake there, "menyaji" is not actually saji + me-i, the letter i is not a suffix, it is part of the original word itself which is saji. So, menyaji (which, i dont think it;s an actual word) is actually Me- + saji.

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