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"لَيْسَ عِنْدَك بَلوزة يا بوب."

Translation:You do not have a blouse, Bob.

July 1, 2019



Duolingo! Some Arabic words is not pronunciated in the right way !!! I an a native Arabic person and I hope to fix this problem.


Hi, i weote don't instead of do not, that shouldn't be considered a mistake


Native Arabic speakers, can بَلوزة mean a shirt, or is it just for women? شكرا


In Egyptian Arabic, it can only mean "blouse." And it's not بَلوزة, it is بِلوزة ('belooza' or even 'blooza').


We use it to mean shirt. Both masciline and feminine.


Isn't a blouse a kind of shirt?


Matthew Aldrich, Arabic vs Arabic: A Dialect Sampler gives the word for "shirt" in MSA and several Arabic dialects (e.g., Palestinian, Egyptian, Sudanese) as قميص. It's a helpful little book. There are notes at the bottom that help navigate the richness and variety of Arabic. For instance, he notes (7) that قميص looks like Spanish camisa but that it is disputed whether the two are connected. Sometimes colonization has influenced the Arabic lexeme, as is the case with the Algerian word for "shirt," which comes from French tricot, which means sweater in French but in Algerian Arabic is used simply to refer to a shirt. I'm guessing that everyone in Algeria knows the word قميص as well. Anyway, Aldrich says that بَلوزة comes from French. I cannot respond to your actual question about بَلوزة but from what I can discern from Aldrich, بَلوزة is not a common word for a shirt, but I'm a beginner. The following website site, however, says it can refer at times to a shirt, although that is not the most common sense of blouse: https://www.definitions.net/definition/blouse

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