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"A convocação do time sai amanhã."

Translation:The team lineup is out tomorrow.

April 15, 2013



A better translation would be "The team's lineup comes out tomorrow."


I've reported the suggestion. =)


That was what I just wrote and it was accepted

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Does "sai" here (and your recommedation "come up") mean "will be informed"?


"sai" literally means "leaves", which can also be expressed with "goes out"...so "comes out" is an extension of that. It's definitely weird, though, and a translation I've never seen in more than a year of studying Portuguese with Duolingo.


What's a lineup?


In this context, the players who are starting the game.

Edit: For whoever gave me a minus for my answer, what would your suggestion be? "Convocação" might mean anyone who is listed on the roster for the upcoming game (that's just a guess based on how it can be used in Spanish). But I would never use "lineup" to refer to everyone on the bench along with the players on the field.


I think Duo is being too free with the translation here.

In this context convocação is rather nomination (of the player for the team) It’s indeed the calling of the players.

While line-up would be alinhamento. It’s the list of players who were nominated and made it into the team to play during a match or tournament.


I went with "the selection of the team" thinking of convocatoria from spanish... guess that's not similar enough though :(


So what is the Portuguese word for convocation, meaning a gathering of eg. academics at a ceremony?

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